Sunday, April 24, 2011


Learning Points
Name 3 things you have learnt
- you may be older, but you are not the tallest after all
- we do not to share the same traits even though we have the same birthday
- twins do not necessary look alike

2 things you enjoyed in this lesson
- the part where we were to line up into a line (birthday)
- we joked around :D

Apart from food, how can differences and diversity be beneficial?
We can differentiate each other by the things we do, so that we will not confuse each other when we want to do something together. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

English Homework 11-01-2011

Communication is something extremely essential in our lives and without it, we are able to do things properly and if that happens, our lives will be havoc and messed up. 
My favourite forms of communication are through e-mails, smses and chat on any world-accessibility platforms because they are easily accessed through nowadays' technology. Technology is so good that we can communicate through anything, which is good for us, as "high-tech" people.
 It really depends, if you're at different parts of the world, e-mail or chat is better communication. If you're nearby your kins, but you're lost at somewhere, a call or sms would be essential and recommended for me.
 In my opinion, you wouldn't know if its true where the person you're talking to is located at where. And at times even if you tell them something or directions to get to somewhere, they might not understand you, which is one BIG con I dislike about communicating with others.

Wishes on the Wall

I personally feel that its great where the world can connect and talk about a single topic and share their experiences maybe also. We get to "sit" down and chat about it, however sometimes there might be arguments and cyberspace fighting when the things we chat about starts to get a little too biased or no-proof thing.
One con about WallWisher is that we are limited to only 160 characters per sticky, which is bad when we want to write long statements. You may then put an indication like "continued" or "..." to show the continuation with another sticky.
And for example, as a school or class, we can use WallWisher to discuss about whether a learning thing or CCA and our opinions would be able to be seen by the world. (you can change the settings btw)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2 - End-Of-Day Reflection

Day 2: Tower Building

Day 1 Mac Attack 1 - Activity 4: End-of-Day Reflection

I made lots of new friends today, most of them I had not see before, but they are all friendly and we managed to communicate quite a bit. We also played some ice-breakers upon arrival of our new classrooms, like Murderer and Blow Wind Blow, etc.
I learnt more of how the learning device (Mac) can help me in the process of learning in SST. 
I chose SST as my choice of school as its a new school but the way of learning here is different of ordinary secondary schools in Singapore and the learning device is what other schools do not provide.
Definitely I hope to serve the society or the world and use the knowledge being cultured in SST of mine to be of good use, perhaps I might make create a new thing or gadget in the future. 
Like what it is shown on the left side, we, as a class, have grown more in our knowledge psychologically and I could remember "Responsibilities" among all the most.