Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How I felt when I received my PSLE results.....xP

For every P6 student at that time, hmm definitely a little nervous before we get them. However for me, I just hoped that I would get 250 cause I was the last in class for Prelims but I was slacking before that so I wasn't really surprised of my result then.

After some of the school's top scorers were recognised in the hall, we returned to our respective classes to receive our results. When I got my results from my form teacher, Mrs Tham, I had mixed feelings bottled down in me. I felt both upset and satisfied. This is what is written on the result slip:

English:  A
Maths: A*
Mother Tongue:  A
Science: A
HMT: Pass-I was extremely angered by this.....studied so hard for it.....get only pass.

Aggregate Score: 244

I just hope that through SST in my 4 years down the road, I would be enlightened with more knowledge and achieve even better results. Thanks for your attention!

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