Thursday, December 30, 2010

Google Maps-Task 2A,+Singapore+129835+(School+Of+Science+And+Technology,+Singapore)&hl=en&geocode=FdQDFAAdDWYvBilZjdqKixraMTG2w529FC_i5g%3BFWYrFAAd3E0vBiFQjjKm7Xu_hQ&mra=ls&sll=1.31672,103.76626&sspn=0.010061,0.011716&ie=UTF8&ll=1.319659,103.768573&spn=0.020122,0.023432&z=15

This Map shows the route I take to go to school everyday! The suggested route is to take SBS 185 at the bus stop below my flat and take all the way until the bus turns right towards Clementi Avenue 6. That is when I know to alight. And just a 1-minute walk and I reach inside of SST

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