Thursday, December 30, 2010

Opinion on Blogging

Well, to me Blogging felt like a place where I sit down and face the computer and pen down my feelings for the day or on something. And as long as I know what is appropriate to be blogged and shared, I definitely will have no problems on Blogging.
On second thoughts, it is like a journal that can be seen by anybody, well of course you can change the settings, and tracked. SST is a like a school that gives us the ability to do more of hands-on than pen-paper learning. It brings out the feeling of boredom of me and many others, which is good, makes us want to go to school more often. 
With blogging, even if I am sick on any day for instance, I can just logon to the computer to see what I have missed out for that particular day. I can also share with everyone about simply anything. 

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